42 Years of Experience, Met with Quality.

Our company was established in 1981 in Istanbul by Ali SOHTORIKOGLU to manufacture plastic blowing machines under the name SOHTORIKOGLU MAKINA. In the following years, our company became institutionalized and SOHTORIKOGLU MAKINA SANAYI TIC. LTD. STI. he received his title.

SOHTORIKOGLU, which has signed many principles since its inception to this day. After that, he will be the first to take on what you cant do and repeat the same success. As an example of machines produced by our company for the first time in our country and in Turkey in the domestic sunday;

 Manufacture of PVC Plastic Blow Molding Machine

• Rechargeable Head Plastic Blowing Machine
• Coex Multi-layer Plastic Blowing Machine
 Double Layer Cordless Head Plastic Blowing Machine can be shown.

We take into account the quality and long-term use of the machines we produce, and as a result, we see that even the machines we produced 35 years ago are still actively working and serving the industry.